ephpftp - enyone's PHP FTP File manager

enyone's PHP FTP File manager is written in PHP language. No third-party databases needed. All you need is an unix like operating system, a webserver software (like apache) with PHP extensions, and a FTP server software installed on it. With a graphical web-based interface you can use it everywhere you like. Unlike other web-based file management systems enyone's FTP PHP File manager uses pure ftp-protocol to transfer, edit, move, chmod, delete and create files and folders. No need to worry about PHP security configuration like "PHP-safemode" or "open-basedir" because users authentication is done using ftp so other users don't have an access to each others files. (of course this depends ftp-server configuration)

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Latest release

This software is still in development stage. No download available yet.


Basic file management features. Move, copy, delete, rename, upload, download, edit, chmod files in ftp-server. User friendly web-based GUI.
As you see screenshots in finnish language.


No downloads available yet.


E-Mail: Juho Tykkälä <>
Web: http://enyone.rainio.org/

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